Tai Chi

Tai Chi (Tai Chi Chuan) and Qigong are practices of ‘mindful movement’ that originated in Asia hundreds, even thousands, of years ago and that have become renowned worldwide for their health benefits as a system of exercise and self-development. The name ‘Tai Chi’ means ‘the great cosmic balancing force’ – based on the principles of harmony, through balancing the complementary energies of Yin and Yang and inspired by the way things work in nature. ‘Chuan’ means ‘fist’ or ‘martial art’ – a reference to the origins of tai chi being rooted in both the Chinese martial arts and traditional Chinese medicine. Qigong translates as ‘energy practice’.

There are several popular ‘styles’ of tai chi and many ways of teaching, learning and practising the art – the majority of tai chi players choose to learn tai chi as a healing art, while others choose to focus their study more on the martial art aspects. Tai chi is a holistic exercise combining physical exercise, psychology and philosophy, thus working on ‘mind, body and spirit’ simultaneously.

The movements are performed gently, slowly and mindfully and without placing strain on the body. No expensive equipment or special clothing is needed – we simply wear what we can comfortably move in, although ‘flat-soled’ footwear (without ‘heels’) is recommended.

Regular daily practise of tai chi can provide many health benefits, including greater physical and mental relaxation, improved energy and circulation, joints gently freed to move more easily, improved posture and physical balance, the dissolving of tension and anxiety and improved mental focus.

Classes are currently full and not open to new bookings

For info or if you need to contact your Instructor: Sue Daniels Tel: 01392 877918

(Registered instructor with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain)

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